Invasive Species edition of 30 (sold out)


Everywhere you look these days you will see a Disney character, company, logo or advertisement. So here's one more! Along with a nod to that famous French invader of spaces...

4 hand-cut stencils and spray paint with acrylic finishes and sticker embellishment.

Choice of 4 different colorways represented by the 4 pictures to the left. Please indicate which colorway you'd like. Sticker embellishments are random. Feel free to make a request or indicate if you'd prefer no sticker at all and just regular Mickey eyes.

S/N edition of 30

12" X 18"

140 lb. cold-press watercolor paper

Released 6/2/12

Note: these are all hand-painted multiples using stencils, spray paint and hand-finishing. Each piece is different from the next and may contain minor imperfections, just like all of us. : )

All sold out - thanks so much! : )

Sold Out